Gillian Brown was born in New York State and raised in suburban Maryland, the youngest daughter of Canadian parents. Her late father was an international trade union president, whose distinguished career in Washington D.C. left a respected legacy of achievement and improved working standards for his industry unmatched to this day.

Gillian describes her mother as a Canadian ‘Steel Magnolia’ housewife, fiercely loyal to her husbands mission for his union members, whilst defending home and hearth with a great interior decorator, Teutonic standards of housekeeping, wonderful lady friends, and a valued hairdresser.

From Canada to England, Australia to Iceland and many places in between, Gillian has lived a life of privilege, homelessness, joy and despair. Recognition and scandal.  But most important, through hard work and the inspiration of others, she has found redemption, happiness and a balanced good life. The lessons learned from remarkable people both good and bad she encountered along the way make for great reading. Some famous, some infamous. They have all added in some way to the chapters of her life.

This blog is a journey of restoration. Of writing a new chapter and being the author of a new life. Of coming to terms with the past, of forgiving, and for moving on positively regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Let it be a journey for you of hope, encouragement, inspiration and resolve to do the same at any age and any stage in life.